Happy Labor Day!

Its labor day! Hope everyone's was nice and relaxing. Mine was spent working for a bit then spent the remainder hanging with my fam and Manfriend for a bit. The Manfriend really liked this dress as well which made me smile as he usually doesn't have much to say about my attempts at creativity. In the spirit of Labor Day, and doing as little work as possible, i'll keep it short. This is what i wore:
Flats(Shoe Land)
Tank-top worn under dress(Forever 21)


Sheila said...

Such a pretty dress on you!

I think a darker denim jacket would have looked better. :)

*Lady D* said...

Thanks *Sheila*!
I actually do not have a darker denim jacket..i want to dye this jacket a darker shade of blue, but i'm a bit worried that i'll mess it up

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

I just stumbled across your blog. You have great taste in shoes!

*Lady D* said...

thanks *Small Budget, big Style Chick*