Sunday Wear!

Happy Sunday Folks!
This is what i wore to church today. I try to find new and creative ways to wear these shoes( i love the colors: blue, gray and orange). This is what i came up with in short notice(I originally had something planned, but i changed my mind). I went with this instead:
Black Sheer Shirt(Macys)
Tank top worn underneath(Papaya)
Shoes (Rugged Warehouse)
Blue Clutch(5-7-9)


quarter-life-crisis said...

Those are some cute shoes!!

Sheila said...

Awesome shoes!

V said...

I really love the shoes!

budget chic said...

I love the shoes, I gotta go check rugged wearhouse and see what they have here in my city. Every now and then they get some decent shoes, its just the luck of the draw. Great outfit by the way, love the clutch!