Bright Colors

Doing it bright and sassy today.
Day 1 of exams this week. After late nights spending studying,
I decided to dress in BRIGHT power colors today
look good, feel good, test good? let's hope it
Plus i get a chance to wear my SUPER SASSY shoes, which i love to wear!
And the debut of my newest thrifted blue skirt! How i managed to find a skirt that is the same color of my shoes, i'll never know, but i'm sooo glad! Please look w/ me @ the waist of this you see the cutout waist its rocking?? love it!
I enjoy getting dressed in the morning, its a chance for me to express to the world how i'm feeling that day @ a glance. I usually always feel good about my choices, but today, i feel great...maybe its the anyone else's mood affected by their clothes?
This is what i wore:
Shirt(H&M from a long time ago)
Skirt (Thrifted can you believe it)
Blue Shoes( Nine West thru Ross)
Gold Belt(Thrifted)

* Photo credits go to the awesome Manfriend!
Can you tell how much fun i'm having this outfit?


Kasmira said...

Great colors and fit! You are super sassy!

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

I love your skirt and shoes, super cute!

Sheila said...

Lovely - and I think I used to own that skirt in the late 80s/early 90s.

Fashion Guru said...

i love those shoes. I have searched high and near for them.

Anchibride said...

This skirt ROCKS!

I'm always looking out for something in this color blue and I just haven't been able to find anything yet. Gotta keep searching ... especially after seeing this pic because this color is the bomb.

*Lady D* said...

Thanks ladies!

budget chic said...

Girl, you are working those blue shoes out huh!! They are cute! I like the skirt as well, excellent to set off the shoes!

yankeenaijababe said...

Wow, nice mix and match. Very class and brings out your figure.