Black, White and Bursts of green

Its saturday, and i really didn't want to leave my bed, after my very hectic week. But since i had to, i threw on the next best thing for days that you want to be in pajamas: a dress. An i threw in the green shoes and earrings to make it look like i put in some effort.
This is what i wore:
White dress w/ black lace( Max Rave last year)
Black t-shirt(Forever 21)
Green Flats(Payless)
Green Earrings(Claires)

Photocredits today go to my awesome little bro. Thanks little one!


Sheila said...

What a nice dress! I like the green accents - a nice change of colour.

dalia said...

well played.

Anonymous said...

I like the different patterns in that dress and the green shoes give it a nice punch of color.