The Zebra Brooch Strikes Again!

First of all, i love dresses! I know some people are apprehensive about thriftstore finds. I feel that a true savvy shopper can shop anywhere and come out victorious. And yes, i do consider shop an areobic activity. Like i hunter, i cruise and peruse the racks of stores, scouring for bargains! Ah yes, i do love the scent of victory( great bargain) in the Ok, everything was thrifted...except my .Now last time i wore the zebra brooch , it was ok, but i wanted it to play a bigger role in my outfit the next time it was utilized.
So this lovely dress, was supposed to be closed at the shoulder, i tried it, but i felt suffocated, so instead i utilized the zebra brooch to tuck and pin the dress closure a little lower. And tada!
Red Belt(Thrifted)
Red Shoes ( Ross)
Zebra Brooch(Thrifted)

Yes, i am dancing. I have a song
in my heart today. lol

Photo credits go to the troublesome Lachmeister!


Sheila said...

You look fab! What a great find!

I do totally understand the thrill of the hunt - and maybe this will make you laugh: I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member, and shopping actually does count as a low intensity exercise. No wonder I get so exhausted after 3 or 4 hours!

You need to post a close-up of your brooch - it's not visible in your photos.

Danz said...

Cute dress - I love that print! I think many people still have a stigma about wearing other people's clothing which is sad because there are some unique and amazing things to be found through thrifting. Well, that just means more fabulous clothing for those of us who are more open-minded! Btw, I've linked you as well :)

Erica said...

That's a fabulous dress! I just jumped on the thrifting bandwagon, but I've only had a little luck so far.

I hope your exams went/are going well!

*Lady D* said...

Thanks ladies!
* Lol. Sheila. Out w/ my gym membership, in w/ shopping!

yankeenaijababe said...

First time on your blog. I love the dress and shoes. Nice one.