Feeling Blue

I've got the sick blues! For some strange reason, i'm still feeling under the weather. Lots of sneezing and doing the smoker's cough(ick, i know) i figured, sassing it up a bit to start my day, especially when i'm feeling ill, usually helps me feel better. The old "look good, feel good "theory, which i hold to be true to an extent. So today, instead of my usual saturday super casual look,i wanted to wear this eye-catching blue belt (to match my blues). I 've had this pink top for ages now, and have worn it once because the arms are A Lot wider than i thought, so it cannot be worn alone. I thought it was doomed to sit in my closet till i gave it away,but i realized, that it would be great for layering. So i layered, belted up and threw on brown heels.. I liked what i saw in the mirror, and what do you know, i was able to stave off the "feeling sick blues" for most of the day. This is what i wore:

White T-shirt (Target)
Pink Blouse ( Princy gasp! that's J. Simpson's line)
Blue belt (Thrifted)
Trouser jeans (Max Rave)
Brown peep toe pumps (Nine west)
Brown Purse(Target)

Sorry, no smiley face pics today

Photo credits today go to my Sister, whom i'll call Lachmeister.Thanks chickie!


Anchibride said...

Tres cute! The belt looks really great on you. I love the color too.

Sheila said...

Looking at you, you'd never guess you were sick! Good for you. :) Great outfit - love the trouser jeans.

Hope you're feeling better.

Anchibride said...

Whoops ... forgot to add: Hope you feel better soon!