I'm Black and Blue

Ga weather is so unpredictable...lol. Unless you watch the weather forecasts, and who does that. So i stepped out of my house to head to class today, and brrr, it was a bit nippy. so i threw on this sweet sweater i found in Macys in MAY! I 've been waiting to wear it. Ok so today's outfit is a bit dark, but tomorrow, I'll bring color back. you'll see.
Blue Shirt(Papaya)
Checkered Skirt (Macys)
Pumps (BCBG)

tryin out more poses...i felt a bit awkward

Photocredits got to My Sis Lachmeister and Lil bro (little one)


Sheila said...

You look so cute. :) I like the middle 2 poses.

Love the shoes! How many pairs do you have? I think I have about 60...(not including runners).

Anchibride said...

Looove the skirt! And also the way you're combining it with the jacket and the color combinations overall. I heart Macy's!

*Lady D* said...

Thanks ladies!
*Madame Sheila* I honestly do not know. I've never counted. I don't have a big enough closet,so my shoe boxes occupy one corner of my room, and then under my bed.It seems like waaay too much trouble to go digging all of my shoes out at once..Your clost though, looks, very organized