Red and Silver

1. TGIF.
2. Manfriend likes these shoes, and really it fascinates me as to why
3. I have a new favorite accessory, i'll post it tomorrow
4. This is what i wore:
Red Jacket(Isaac Mizrahi-Thrifted) (YEAH!!!)
Silver Top(Max Rave)
White T-Shirt(Forever 21)

Close up of the shoes as requested!

Photo credits go to the Wonderful Manfriend


Sheila said...

Oh my god, you are kickass, badass, killer in this outfit, girl!

I need a close-up of the shoes to satisfy my inner shoe junkie...okay, maybe not so "inner". I am a shoe junkie - I must admit it!

budget chic said...

I can't really see those shoes, but I think I like them! Close-up on the shoes please diva!