TGIF in Gray

Its Friday folks, aren't you glad!

Today i wore my favorite gray shirt, because to me its sooo versatile. I paired it w/ a tank underneath, because 1.) i get cold too easy, 2) i liked the look. I paired the tops w/ simple jeans, and had a scarf on earlier because it was colder in the morning. It got warmer, the scarf got discared and tied unto my purse. I had to debut my gray pumps..i usually debut items i purchase with simple outfits, allowing the desired item to shine...weird, yeah , i know.So surprisingly, these shoes are quite comfortable, however, come cooler weather, i plan on getting these stretched a bit so i can wear them comfortably with stockings. Today was the first ever game night, me and the Manfriend are scheduled to play scrabble(love words) and eat chicken wings and pizza...gotta love fridays! Adore the Manfriend! Looove these surprisingly comfortable Gray Beauties.

Going to start crediting my wonderful and patient photographers since i don't have a tripod and have subjected unsuspecting unlookers to the task of taking my pic.

Today, photography credits go to my wonderful Manfriend. Thanks Sweets!


budget chic said...

Cute look, especially the shoes, bag and scarf.

Anchibride said...

I read in the What Not to Wear books that gray is one of the best neutrals for us brown-skinned women, so ever since then I got more gray clothes, esp. for winter, and I love how it looks. It's so easy to coordinate. And I feel it has a softer, more dreamy kind of look than black.

I adore gray shoes too ... wish they had more of those in the shops. I remember how they used to have loads of gray shoes in the 80s, but not so much now.

Sheila said...

Great outfit! I love the grey shoes.

Have you tried using the timer on your camera? That's how I take all my pictures - I stack up books on my desk (taking a peek to see where the camera's pointing), then set the 10 second timer and presto!

I used to have my husband do it, but he had no patience for it (and he took lousy pics).

*Lady D* said...

Thanks Ladies!
*Sheila* Will definitely try the timer and books thing and see how that works.