Run Around Thursdays

White Shirts are the staples of my closet. I think i have 2 white shirts for every colored or patternd shirt. These are my lovely run around boots.Oh so comfortable and so versatile. They fold down to my ankles, as well as up and out to my knees. And of course, my new favorite scarf, for my splash of color. I had an exam in my CIS class today, and went to career fair as well. Don't worry, this is not what i wore to the job expo. I did keep the outfit basic so that i could easily trade the skirt and boots for a pair of slacks and pumps.
White Shirt(Forever 21)
Jean Skirt(Max Rave)
Boots (Sears)

I actually have no explanation for this Work in progress??

photo credits go to my Lachmeister


Anonymous said...

Yet another week of great outfits. I am in love with that scarf! Makes me want to go thrifting this weekend in hopes to find something so fun!

Sheila said...

Great basic outfit - the scarf really makes it!