Lady-like In Mustard

For church today, I wore this mustard colored dress that has been in my closet for the longest time. I forgot why i hadn't worn it in so long, until i tried it on. The top half is HIDEOUSLY UNFITTING, but the bottom half fits like a dream. So before i got rid of the dress forever, I wore it for one last hoorah. Taking great pains to keep it hidden under my lovely sweater jacket. lol. Topped off the look w/ simple black sandals and my favorite brooch.
Black Sweater(Macys)
Mustard Dress( Thrifted)
Bag (Borrowed from My mom)
Brooch (Thrifted)
By the way, i'm thinking of lopping off the top half of the dress and keeping the bottom as a skirt. Any ideas anyone?

If anyone is wondering what i'm doing in this pic,
i'm simply showing off my runner

*photo credits go to my sis and bro Nimsa and Little One!


Letitia said...

you look the stewardist, but in a good way :)

Sheila said...

Great gams! I have power-walker gams, myself.

LOVE the mustard - and I was going to suggest you have the top cut off! You could also get it tailored, unless the top is beyond saving.