Only Times I'll be seen in Sweatpants!

Who's that boy? It's no boy, it's I took my sister to her first cross-country meet, so i dressed the part of an athlete today,since i was going to be running w/ my sister afterwards. I got up @ 5am, hence my clothing choices.These are the only circumstances under which i leave the house in a tracksuit or sweatpants. I donot agree with the notion of sweatpants outside the house! Unless you're going to be running, and its a sporting event. It was a beautiful morning, and i was dressed to run after my sister to capture moments of her 1st race. She did as well as can be expected for a 1st race.
Hoodie(Max Rave)
Pants (borrowed from my sister)
Bag (thrifted)

Photo credits go to the Lachmeister!


Sheila said...

I totally agree - I never wear sweats or workout clothes unless I am working out. I hate seeing people wearing this stuff to the grocery store or the mall. Ugh.

Maybe one day I'll post a pic of me in my workout stuff - you've got guts, girl!