The Story of A Skirt

I 'm always excited when i wear clothes with a bit of a history to them. The foundation piece for my outfit today was my mother's skirt. She wore when she was just a girl, during her college years. I remember when i first saw the picture of my mom in the skirt, i had to be about 7 or 8 and living in Nigeria. I remember telling her that i wanted to wear the skirt when i became a "big girl" and she of course humored me and said yes.
During our big move to the States, we had to leave in a hurry so we ended up leaving a lot of things like pictures behind...grr for the pictures, you don't realize how important things like pictures are until you have no pics of your childhood before the age of 9..ok i have maybe i have 5 pictures of myself @the age of 7, but i have no baby pics and very few pics of my parents in their younger days.
I digress. The point is when we moved to the states, i didn't think my mom remembered to bring the skirt along. When i turned 15 or 16, my mom was going thru her closet one day and called me aside and asked me if i remember the skirt. Of course i did, and to my delight, she brought the skirt and true to her word, kept it for me. I wear often, but its mostly a part of my fall and winter wardrobe.
This is what i wore:
Black Shirt (Target)
Skirt ( Vintage ?)
Brown Boots ( Charlotte Russe)
Necklace (Thrifted)
Faux Leather Jacket ( Dots)

***By the way, i 've seen so many bloggers hem their clothing w/ great outcome and i'm wondering if i should hem it and make it a bit shorter, kinda modernize it a bit, what do you guys think? ***

Photo credits go to my sis Nimsa!


Anonymous said...

That skirt is amazing - I can see why you wanted to wear it so badly as a child. As for the pictures - that is sad. I know how I feel by having some of my childhood toys and books thrown away, but can't imagine pictures . . .

K.L.R. said...

What a beautiful story! I'm new to your blog but fast becomming a HUGE fan -- and I just had to comment today. That skirt is soooo cute! And the memory makes it even more adorable. Don't hem it! The length looks fine the way it is and besides, maybe someday your own daughter will want to wear it and who knows what hem lengths will be then?

Lovely, just lovely :)

Beyond said...

the skirt looks great on you.... don't think you8 should hem it.....but eitherwayz, it's still gon look fab!

*Lady D* said...

Kimberly: Thanks! the print and style of the skirt just makes me want to twirl.

K.L.R: yay! welcome! And thanks. but what if i have only boys? lol.

Beyond: Welcome! And thank you!

Danz said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful skirt - and a really lovely story behind it as well!

I don't think you should hem it but I think it'd probably look better worn a bit higher on the waist.

Btw, I also love your necklace and jacket.

Have a great day!

Fashion Guru said...

leather jackets are so hot this season. Great outfit madame

a cat of impossible colour said...

Gorgeous skirt, and great story! We had to leave Zimbabwe in a hurry too, so I do empathise with the feeling of leaving a lot behind - particularly photos and sentimental things like that :(

*Lady D* said...

Danz: Thank you! the funny thing is the skirt is actually at my belly

Fashion Guru: Thank you!

Andrea: Thanks!Have you returned home since you left?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just found your blog today from the Glamour website ~ you really make fashion look fun ~ I love your use of color and the fact that stylish DOES NOT have to be a different $1000.00 outfit everyday! I say hem it - you can probably just pull the xtra fabric up and in and you can release it back down someday if you want to.

*Lady D* said...

Welcome and Thank you anonymous!! Very nice of you to say!