Waistcoat and a touch of Pink

This week, is going to be crazily hectic! I have 2, count them 2 exams, one on thursday and one on saturday. Its been a while since i wore a waistcoat, so, tada! Its still cold in the mornings, which calls for tights or my poor legs would have been frozen. And i ended up wearing the pink tights again because i wanted color, and my new indigo tights(yet to be shown) plus my mostly black ensemble, seemed too dark.
Just in case you guys are interested in how i'm faring with the whole volunteer thing, i looked up the Dress For Success in my area, and applied and i'm set up for an appointment for next week! Yay!

Sheer Shirt (Macys)
Pink Tights(Target)
Ankle Booties (Shoe Land)

Photo credits go to my sis Lachmeister!


a cat of impossible colour said...

Dress for Success is such a great organisation - good choice! I really like your ensemble here - the coat is so classic and chic, and the purple tights are just O for Orsum (as they say in New Zealand ;) ).

Good luck with your exams! They're so evil. I don't have any for my Masters until next year, when I have an oral exam in front of a panel of judges. EEEK.

Andrea xx

Anonymous said...

That is awesome news about Dress for Success. I hope you enjoy your time with them. Every time I volunteer for the local group I am moved to tears (usually in my car as I leave because I don't want to seem like a big baby in front of them!) because the spirit that so many of the women have is truly amazing.

*Lady D* said...

Andrea: Orsum...lol, i'm going to have to borrow that.And thanks!And i agree with you 110%, exams are totally evil, however, i think i would take a written exam over an oral exam.

Kimberly: Thanks for the idea! I'm really excited and look forward to helping, and being involved with something that doesn't revolve around me...lol

yankeenaijababe said...

Where did you get your pink tight from? I like too much. Drive for success...that's what am talking about. You go girl.

*Lady D* said...

Y.N.B: lol. thanks! The tights are from target, i'm going back for some more colors.