Since i've spent the past couple of days in so such bright colors, i decided to tone it down, just a bit today...or at least localize the color and keep it simple for today. Plus, i had a presentation to do toay,and i needed people to focus on what i was presenting, not what i was wearing. And yes, i know i've worn these boots out this week, but they are soooo comfortable!!
Here's what i wore:
Embroided Tunic(F21)
Jeans (Macys)
Boots (Chinese Laundry)

Photo credit go to my sis, Lachmeister!!!


Sheila said...

You look great here, funky and cool, as always, Lady D!

Erica said...

That top is amazing...so simple yet so special. Love it! And the oversized bag.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and I love how you have picked up on them in your bangels and headband.

Katie said...

So cute! It looks like you have your own little photo studio! The coat is fabulous - I have been looking for a similar one!


*Lady D* said...

Sheila: Thank you so nice of you to say!

Erica: Thank you! i agree, that tunic has so much potential..year-round

Kimberly: Thank you! i'm trying not to be as matchy matchy...keyword trying

Katie: Thank you!Try F21...or Asos..or H&M..