Mixing blues with greens

I'm having another one of those days where nothing in my closet feels right, so again, i run into the arms of a dress. Click here for how i wore it last, when it was much warmer. And here it is all layered up for the winter weather:
this is what i wore:
Coat(Urban Behavior)
Dress (Max Rave)
Blue Sweater(Macys)
Green Beret(Borrowed from the Manfriend)
Green Necklace(Target)
Blue Tights-black ones underneath and not shown(Target)
Boots(Chinese Laundry)
Bag (Target)


Katie said...

That coat looks fabulous with that outfit!!!


C.C.H said...

very pretty.and i luv the plaid trench coat:)

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

You are really inspiring me -- I love the way you are using more summery clothing and adapting it for colder weather! Gonna have to go thru my closet and rethink some items....

Love that shade of blue on you too :)

a cat of impossible colour said...

You look lovely! I really like the plaid coat open over the dress with the stripes of lace - great pattern-mixing. :)

yankeenaijababe said...

Nice one you have there...me like. Stay warm.

Sheila said...

The red + dress combo and this blue + dress combo both look absolutely awesome! Well done!

Glad my tips worked for you. :)

Ally said...

Ooh! I love your coat!!

Dropsofglamour said...

Great style! Us Naija women are very fashionable. Lol - will definitely be back here.

*Lady D* said...

Katie: Thank you!! I named the coat, S.S Fabulosa...which is also what i'm going to name my boat...lol

C.C.H: Thank you! And thanks for stopping by!

K.L.R : Thank you!aww,inspiring you're very kind!

Andrea: Thank you miss!

Y.N.B: Thank you madame!

Sheila: Thank you!! You're awesome for those tips!

Ally: Thank you! and thanks for stopping by!

Drops of Glamour: lol. its true! and thanks for stopping by!

Chi-Chi said...

new 2 ur blog
luv d outfit