Gray and Blue

Happy Thursday!!
I have such a love-hate relationship with thursdays! The good: I got to see a lot of my friends today, and i accomplished a lot as well. The not-so-good-but-not-necessarily-bad: a majority of my day was spent in the library, huddled and hunched over books, in effort to study for my exam, so today's post is going to be short and sweet like my outfit...hehe.
This is what i wore:
Gray Dress (Old Navy)
Blue Tights (Target)
Black boots (Chinese Laundry)
Black Jacket (Papaya)
Scarf (Target)

Photocredits go to Lachmeister!


Mervat said...

I absolutely love this look on you...might try it myself, but doubt it will look as good!

Anonymous said...

That is a super stylish study outfit! Looks great!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Ha ha. You're like me, I wore the same colors two days in a row too :) Love the scarf and blue tights, fun.

Sheila said...

Very cute - I love the pops of blue!

*Lady D* said...

Mervat: Thank you! I say try it! its all about attitude.

Kimberly: Thank you, it was very comfortable too!

April: Lol. again, great minds, think alike, plus i was digging the whole pop of blue thing.

Sheila: Thank you!

MoonlitCherri said...

;) luv this look! Been looking for a look for flat boots.