Tales of a Shiny Skirt Pt 2!

Ok, so i know i expressed discomfort about wearing the satin skirt because of the whole sliding about and crumpling, i wasn't exaggerating. I was able to get off work early today, because of the thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. The plan was to head over to my Manfriend's appartment right after work and join him in running some errands. When it was tme for us to depart, i really, really didn't want to wear the skirt. And it turns out, i didn't have any bottoms at his apparment (which is weird because i had so many tops there) . So i asked to borrow one of his older pants that he no longer wore.
I realize i just did the whole boyfriend jeans thing (gasp**). I didn't think i'd be jumping on that bandwagon, but out of necessity comes innovation. Plus, since i love wearing clothes with history, i loved wearing my manfriend's jeans...i felt confident and sassy and those blue shoes was just the icing on the cake. I'm loving the ease of the outfit!
I love being comfortable and confident in the clothes i wear, sometimes i think i forget and take it for granted..


Sheila said...

See, now this is way more you!

This only works because of the shoes. If your shoes were sloppy, this would look...like Katie Cruise, lol!

lynn said...

This outfit is oh so fab!

barefootinboots said...

It works well for you! I do LOVE those shoes.