Lady in Red (Tights)

I have this compulsion to dress inappropriately at the most random times. Take today, when the weather girl said, " Today is the day to bundle up because we're only going to be in the 30's and maybe touch 40 degrees today" , i looked into my closet and the only thing i wanted to wear was a dress. I tried on a couple of "warmer" outfits...meaning pants, and nothing looked or felt right. So i was left with my desired outfit, the dress. Click here for how i wore it the last time.
Anyway, since i was decidely choosing to freeze my legs off by wearing a dress, I took Sheila's awesomely timed and effective advice and doubled up on my hosiery. Yes folks, i'm wearing 2 tights. Even though you can't tell, i'm wearing black tights underneath the red one, and you know what, it worked! I stayed pretty warm, considering i'm not wearing any pants..
And yes, you are looking at a gray version of my brown purse, unfortunately the brown purse was a bit mistreated, what with being my school bag, work bag...everything bag. It was too much pressure and it couldn't take it anymore (the straps broke), and quit on me, so it had to be replaced. I promise to be gentler with this new gray bag, whom i've named grayson, for its gray color.
This is what i wore:
Dress( Apparel-found @ a thrift store)
Red Sweater ( Macys)
Scarf (Thrifted)
Red Tights (Target)
Coat (Urban Behaviour)
Hat (H& M)
Boots (chinese laundry)

Photo credits go to my Awesome Sis the Lachmeister!!!


Fashion Guru said...

i go crazy when i see plaid especially plaid it

Katie said...

What a cute way to wear a dress in the winter! I love this look - it's so cute!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!! :-)


Ally said...

I like to layer fishnets over hose or tights - never thought to layer tights like this to stay warm. I might do that tomorrow!

LJ said...

Love this look!

*Lady D* said...

Fashion Guru: Thank you!

Katie: Thank you! and you're welcome, you looked super sassy!

Ally: That's funny, becuase i never thought to layer fishnets over hose o tights, i may try that next week!

LJ: Thank you! and thanks for stopping by!