Black and Brown

Is it just me, or is getting too cold to be chic? I'm finding that really hard to be chic when i'm trying not to wrap my blanket around me in order to stay as warm as possible. I know that being in the south, all of the northerners are saying things like, " are crying about your Ga winter? Come over put your cold state here get a taste of the the COLDNESS! "
So, the bad news is, its now harder for me to come up w/ fun ideas that i can actually wear out of my house (to school and work) and not freeze to death. The good news, i get to show off my budding scarf collection. Check out the newbie scarf i found a some random thrift store.
This is what i wore:
Coat(F 21)
Shirt worn backwards (Target)
Pants (Macys)
Shoes (TJMaxx)

Photocredits go to the fantastic Manfriend!!


K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Love the scarf, really adds an extra touch of class -- you look very cozy and ready for a blizzard tho, lol! My bro & his fam live in GA so I know it can get kinda chilly out your way. But I'm a northener born & bred who is used to the cold, hey, I even took my blog pic outdoors today in 40degrees w/o a coat!

Sheila said...

Tips for cold weather dressing (and staying fashionable):

1. Camisoles. I own about 20 and I wear them under everything from September to June. Today I have a brown cami on under my burgundy sweater. Bonus: you don't have to wash the outer layer as much!

2. Tights (and when you are sick of those, nude fishnets). Double layers of tights if you're really cold. You can have fun with patterned tights layered, since a lighter colour will show through a darker colour (like a turquoise tight under a black striped tight). Nude fishnets are awesome! Look for very small "nets". They are warmer than nylons and not so old lady-ish.

3. Cashmere. Invest in some. It's thin, lightweight and WARM.

4. Socks under boots! Need I say more??

You look fab today! Love the trouser and the scarf.

Ally said...

I'm having a hard time finding cute things to wear that are warm too. I'm already tired of tights and pants. *sigh*

You look great though - I love that scarf.

Erica said...

Well, you definitely still look chic in this outfit! Those wideleg pants are great.
I imagine it's colder in Ga. than in Texas, but I just wear what I want all winter...and walk a little faster. ;)

*Lady D* said...

K.L.R: Thanks! i always dress to err on the side of too much, lol, that way if it is too much, i can always shed layers.

Sheila: Thank you!! for the compliment and the tips! you should definitely do a posting on dressing for winter, i can't be the only one out there looking for these tips.

Ally:Thanks and I feel you on that.

Erica: Thanks and that's hilarious, and since i already walk fast, i think i'll just have to start running!

V said...

Love the scarf!