Kinda Professional

Happy Monday Folks!

Today, i was inspired by this beautiful but funky necklace designed by Powerhaus. Of course, i can't afford this lovely necklace on my budget just yet(that's balla status and i'm not there yet, i'm still working with the broke student budget). So during one of my numerous window shopping expeditions, i found somethinga bit similar for without breaking my small bank. Please feel free to tell me what you think of my cheap

There's something about waistcoats and pin-stripes that conveys a certain professionalism; at least according to my manfriend. He liked this "semi-professional" ensemble today. I like the color, the different proportions and how the details made this outfit, at least for me. I was a bit iffy about these gray pants but I like the the floor sweeping length and the silver pinstripes on the pants, so i broke down and gave them a try.

This is what i wore:
Coat (F21)
Waistcoast (Macys)
Pants( Max Rave)
T-shirt ( F21)
Butterfly brooch(Vintage)
Ankle Boots (Shoeland)
Bag (gift)

Photocredits go to my sugar,my Manfriend!

P.S: Anyone notice the new critter brooch on my coat....


K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

The necklace looks so much like the one in the ad -- what a good find! And the outfit itself is so cute...menswear inspired yet totally feminine, especially with the pop of color. Adorable!

Sheila said...

Cute vest! Good job on copying the necklace! No one would know it wasn't "real".

Kimberly said...

Your necklace is the perfect Splurge vs. Steal. I love it! Don't tease us though and not say where you found such a great item!

Katie said...

What a cute look! I seriously think that that necklace looks just as good as the original! All my pocketbooks, etc. are knockoffs and no one knows!

Work it girl!


Rosilen said...

Very cute necklace, where did you find it.... I saw you in glamour and i liked your style . Funny we live in the same city . check me out at

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love that necklace! You look great.

Jules said...

I think this is my favourite winter colour combo

*Lady D* said...

Kayleigh: Thank you!:-D

Sheila: Thank you madame!

Kimberly: It is isn't it..i didn't mean to hold out. I got it from Walmart of all places..i found it randomly in the lotion section..i think someone was trying to hide

Katie: Lol. thanks!

Rosilen: I found the necklace randomly at walmart. and Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog, very cool, will definitely check back. B-D

Andrea: Thanks miss!

Jules: Thank you! and thanks for stopping by :-D

Milly said...

love the necklace!!!....too bad i dont have a nearby walmart