A High Waist

I was never really a fan of the high waisted pants trend, but i bought this pair to give it go. I try not to knock things till i try them. And thank goodness I have to say, they're kinda growing on me. And since i had the Monday Blues, and couldn't find anything to wear, this is what i ended up in. And yes, i did realize that i just wore the same pair of shoes 3 days in a row, but i figure they've rested for a while,since this was the last time i wore them. I will lay them to rest again after today.
This is what i wore:
White Shirt( f 21)
Pants (Macys)
Sweater coat (Thrifted)

Photo credits go to my lil bro Little One, and My sis Lachmeister!


Anchibride said...

I have to be super careful with anything high-waisted because I have a short torso, but when it works it's marvelous! Nothing like a higher waist to hide tummy bulge! ^_^

Anonymous said...

You are rockin' the high-wasted pants which is something I so can't do! Also, the blue shoes are perfection!

*Lady D* said...

Anchibride:Thanks! i think all you need is the right fit.

Kimberly: Thank you!