Just Because

My lovely sister got me this skirt as a "Just Because You're Such An Awesome Older Sis" gift. And i have to say i love it. First off, receiving gifts is always fun, and "just because" gifts are even better. The fullness of the skirt plus *pockets* make a winning combination anytime. The color of the skirt suggests more of a spring-like skirt, but as it seems, i can't wait that long. At the first hint of warmth in the forecast, i broke it out and paired it this oh-so-bright white shirt

What i wore:

Shirt (Zara)

Jacket (Dots)

Skirt (Anthro)

Tights (CVS)

Shoes (Go Jane)

Bag (Franchesca's)

photo credits go to the Manfriend!


J said...

cute outfit! so sweet of your older sis! i wish i had one to spoil me once in a while hehe

Pretty Little Pictures said...

That skirt is lovely, and what a great reason to get a present :)

Nemerae said...

Lovely skirt and gorgeous shoes!! :)

Danz said...

Cute outfit! The jacket and the skirt are fab!

Londyn said...

Loving this look. So pretty. And I love that you paired the brown tights and shoes with the black jacket!

WendyB said...

What a lovely gift -- both for how it looks and the thought behind it.

Earl J. House II said...

First thought....Where's the motorcycle? Second thought....Heyyyy cute! Third thought...i'm not gonna say, but A+..yeaaa

Erica said...

What a great sister! I love any skirt or dress with pockets...and the color and button detail at the waist of this one are particularly lovely.

Milly said...

very cute!