A Touch of Gray

It's back to school, and I need another school break already because winter vacation raced by way too fast. In honor of black Mondays which refers to my lack of creative juices flowing on Mondays, I’m wearing mostly black. I kind of match the weather today, its gloomy and dark and rained all day. Very Fun.

Now, no one be alarmed, but I almost died on my way to class yesterday.

Before you all panic, let me tell you the story.

Here is some background info that you should know : the school bookstore is the place to be during the first week of school. Students of all colors, shapes and sizes congregate there (mainly because they're stuck in long lines trying to buy books) and socialize (gripe about the fact that our school is making students broke).

I was on my way to class, taking big confident strides because I was looking good (to me), feeling good, ready to jump in feet first to start off the school year. I had to pass in front of the bookstore to get to class, so as I approached the front of the bookstore, I started walking straighter, and maybe threw in a slight sashay into my gait. And then out of nowhere and of course, right in front of the bookstore; I slipped and almost lost my balance. It seems i found an invisible puddle and stepped into it.

Thankfully, I didn't fall and I didn't hurt anything, so I was able to regain my composure but my ego was bruised. I was forced to walk the remainder of the route to my class taking smaller, measured steps.

Lesson learned from this incident: I need to dress more sensibly when it rains (aka I need new boots)

What i wore:
Faux Leather Jacket (F21)
Shirt (H & M)
Skirt ( Thrifted)
Tights (Target)
Ankle Boots (Go Jane)

Photocredits go to the Manfriend!


PR's Haute Diva said...

YES! This weather is terrible! I am soo feeling you on these Mondays and Tuesdays for that matter being days that I lack effort! I'm still loving this hair! Great choice!

CultureCynic said...

LOL...u r too cutesy wiv the details!!! eh ya!! good thing u survived the fall innit, but cheer up , its only monday. love the bomber btw!



Erica said...

You look so chic! And I love your hair, the style looks great on you. My classes start Thursday, I'm pretty depressed about it...also, I trip and/or fall a lot...so I feel your ego bruise. :)

The Clothes Horse said...

You look fantastic. The perfect balance between edgy and feminine. I'm glad you didn't fall. I fell on ice last year and ended up limping for a month! I had to see a doctor. Now I have no dignity left. :)

Fashionista* said...

gorgeous jacket!


girl im glad you didnt fall!gosh those things always seem to only happen when there is an audience.
love your t-shirt and jacket girl,
big kiss

yiqin; said...

Nice touch of grey! ;) Rocking the leather jacket!

Katie said...

Wow! What an exciting story!

I love this look on you - and hey just because it's all black and grey doesn't mean it's "black monday" blah... I like it! It looks real city chic!


Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice jacket

Anchibride said...

This is a really great look on you. It's sleek and simple but edgy. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

The light grey shirt looks rockin' with this outfit. Since you are dark, your clothes can't be all dark. Especially as you age! Great job to keep something light up by your gorgeous face. Plus, it's slimming. The grey shirt with the jacket over it creates a vertical line straight down to the skirt, making your middle very small....