Jacket Love

Ever seen a kid receive a toy and they just seem to carry that toy everywhere? They take it into the bathtub, and outside in the grass and even to bed. They want to bring that toy along on trips to the grocery store, to school and even to church.
Right now, that's me and my faux leather jacket. I want to wear it everything in my closet. I even want to pair it with my pajamas and wear it to bed. Extreme, i know, but i really, really like it.
I'm really going to enjoy throwing it over random items in my closet. But i'm also going to have to work hard not to neglect the rest of my other coats and jackets.

This is what i wore Thursday:
Faux Leather Jacket (F21)
Scarf & Tee (Target)
Jeans (Macys)
Boots (Chinese Laundry)

photo credits go to the Man friend!



girl i say if it aint broke,why fix it :o)
so since that rockign jacket is working,why wear anything else,plus a great jacket goes with everything!
those boots are fab,stylish but comfy,girl they will see you through winter.
happy wknd honey!
muah x

Rosilen said...

I love the scarf you're wearing .... i can't wear scarves because I suffer from Little Head syndrome(lol) and everything around my neck makes me look like i'm choking lol.... But you pull it off very well.

Anonymous said...

i love the jacket!

La C.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

You made me smile...my kids do that all the time :)

And I don't blame you for wanting to live in that jacket -- it's FAB! Looks great on you...what a great "go w/everything" piece.


Sheila said...

Well, it is a great jacket! Wear it as much as you want - you never know how long these things will be in style!

Fab as always!