City Bullfighter

That's actually what my brother said upon seeing me.I decided to play along and embraced my "bullfighter costume" by breaking out into random marches (where i act like i'm bullfighter) and the occasional battle cry of "Ole!!!"

Random Fact About Real (as opposed to imaginary) Bullfighting:

*Spanish bullfighter's capes are usually pink and gold, but red is also used. Contrary to popular belief ,these colors are used not to provoke the bulls, but because it is easier for the spectators to see. The bulls are actually color blind and are bred to be aggressive.

(google images)

What i wore:
Cape/Poncho- Thrifted
Pants -Body by Victoria
Boots -American Eagle For Payless
Sweater -Max Rave
Bag- Franchesca's

OLE!! (hehehe)

Photo credits go to the Manfriend!



honey you look super!! girl i always thought the red cape was for the bulls to see,its good to know that its actually for the spectators.
the cape is gorge honey,great find!
happy wknd sweetie.
muah x

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I heard that same thing about bulls a while back, I was surprised.

sometimes i wish the world were colorblind!

I love your cape, it's fab!

Anonymous said...

cuteness darling :-)