Boots and Butterflies!

I felt very light and nimble today, maybe because of my boots and my butterfly shirt. It was kinda cool today so the boots kept me quite warm. I was quite comfortable as i went a-walking downtown, as i met a with a friend for lunch and downtown exploration. Anyone else loving the fall weather?
This is what i wore:
Boots(Chinese Laundry)

Photocredits go to the lil bro (little one)


Sheila said...

I love fall weather! It mostly rains in the fall here (it's like Seattle, only not QUITE as rainy), with some fog in the morning. The temp is around the mid-60s. How cool does it get in Georgia? I always think of Georgia as really hot.

Such a cute retro outfit! Love the boots - I had ones just like that in the mid-90s.

*Lady D* said...

Thanks Sheila!
It starts off quite cold, say the day i wore this outfit, it started off in the low 50's and by mid-day it was about 68degrees. But ga weather is not really constant, it'll be really cold one day and the next day its summer...