Stylish but Comfortable-Out Voting!

First off, a special thanks to all you lovely ladies who wished me well during my rough times this week. It was very much appreciated and it definitely made my day!
The name of the game today, as it is most days, was comfort, because i had to stand in line for almost 3hours as i waited in line to vote, and i was told that it was a good day. I keep hearing horror stories on the news about how people(in georgia) are waiting in lines for up to 8hrs (ahhh). Not to say its not a good thing that people are excited to vote. So for the event, I dressed in layers, and thankfully so because it was really cold in the shaded areas, and heated in the sunlight. My advice to those who still haven't voted:
1. Bring a chair - around these parts, the lines tend to be long and after the first hour of little to no movement, your feet will start to hurt.
2. Bring something to keep you occupied and entertained. i brought my trusty Mp3 ,a book ,as well as took dance breaks to stretch my legs. People watching was also fun...however, it probably would have been more fun with a friend. Which leads me to the next one..
3.Bring someone who'll keep you entertained and vice versa. I do believe it'll make time go by a little bit faster and a bit more fun too.
4. Last but not least, and definitely the most important, bring your Patience and lots of it. In events involving the gathering of all people types, colors, sizes, things can get a bit crazy. But armed with patience, things should go fairly smoothly.
5. And you should probably bring your ID, but that goes without saying...
This is what i wore:
Black Peacoat (F21)
Green Hoodie (Max Rave)
Purple Tank worn underneath ( Macys)
Boots (Chinese Laundry)
Scarf (Target)

Photocredits go to my awesomely fantastic little bro-Little one!


a cat of impossible colour said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear the results. Wouldn't it be amazing to have an African-American president? Just incredible.

The New Zealand elections are next week ... not as dramatic as yours, but I'm still excited to vote. After living in Zimbabwe, I really appreciate being able to do so. It's such a privilege!

You look lovely, the scarf is gorgeous. And really versatile, I would imagine :)

*Lady D* said...

Its very exciting! This upcoming Tuesday is going to incredibly interesting to say the least.

And thank you, i really like the colors of the scarf...:-D