Gruple Secretary

I'm working the grayish-purple lace inset shirt(...gruple maybe? no? ok) today.I actually had planned something else to wear this morning, but when i put the outfit on, it felt awkward, and looked awkward and i ditched it (making me late, as usual) and wore this outfit instead...I quite like it when an outfit comes together effortlessly especially, when its a last minute outfit. That kind of made my day, well that and that the Manfriend brought me lunch today...its always the littlest things.
Gold chain Belt( Thrifted)

Photocredits go to the Fantastic Manfriend!


Anonymous said...

What a sassy outfit!

Sheila said...

Rock it, girl! You look fab!

You could totally do this for fall with some boots and a thicker jacket/sweater.

I LOVE that gruple (ha!) top.

Erica said...

You look beautiful in this! It's a true sign of great style when you can just throw something on and end up with a truly enviable outfit. :)

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Sexy yet sophisticated! Love it.

yankeenaijababe said...

I love the pencil skirt and top. very lovely. Wow,really cutie.