Monday-Meet S.S Fabulosa

Happy Monday Folks!
I’m having a pretty good Monday today, maybe due to adequate planning…from my outfit to my lunch, I didn’t even grumble or try to kill my alarm when it went off this morning. It’s probably the excitement from the cool weather, which means I get to wear my beautiful jacket, which I named the S.S Fabulosa ( I know that’s a name more befitting of a boat than a jacket, but it’s a reminder of the boat I will one day own.) So unto the rest of my outfit…the beret, actually belongs to my Manfriend, I “borrowed” it from his closet a while ago, he says it’s a remnant of his “stylish” boyhood days. The feather brooch is mine, added to “glam up” the rest of my basic office-wear.
This is what I wore:
Jacket ( Urban Behavior)
Shirt (New York and Co)
Slacks (Papaya)
Green Pumps (Bakers)
Beret (“Borrowed”)
Feather Brooch (Thrifted)

Photocredits go to my bro Little one!!


Erica said...

Love the pattern-mix! And the beret, very sassy. Unfortunately, the cool weather here decided not to stay....

Sheila said...

Great outfit and excellent attention to detail with the brooch on the beret (so chic!). Love the shiny blouse (says the crow), and the SS Fabulosa is tres magnifique!

yankeenaijababe said...

This is are a good like.