Official Last day of Warm Weather

According to the weather woman this morning, today is the last day of warmth for the year. As in come tomorrow, we are going to have to wear sweaters, and bundle up from now on. At last, the anticipated fall weather will arrive. What did that mean to me? I interpreted it to mean that i was to wear my little bitty skirt at least once more this year, before having to give it up for the fall and winter. Ok probably not, i'll most likely just wear it w/ tights when it gets cooler. i have this weird thing for most things short...This is what i wore for school today:
Skirt (Max Rave)
Ankle Boots(Worn w/ black socks)-Shoe Land.

*photocredits go to the Lachmeister(we're friends again)


yankeenaijababe said...

@Ladi D, yeh yeh am first. What did you just say? Official first day of Fall 08, sucks rite! I love the skirt and shoes. Very nice. I love Fall weather I guess. It's about time to put on some I learn a lot from your mix and match. You really put it well for one to see. Hope you have a fun weekend.

Sheila said...

You look really cute in this combo. Keep on rocking the short skirts, hon!