Belt Week Day #1 :So Fresh, So Green

I love this little green swing jacket. It’s in my favorite shade of green. Something about it screams, FRESH!! lol. In the spirit of “Belt Week” (my first themed event) I intend on wearing a belt, each day I go to work this week. This is an attempt to try to stick with a theme for 1 whole week (Gasp!) I usually get bored with themes, or run out of ideas after the first two days. Thankfully, I get to take a break on Thursday(that’s my off day) so I can come back in belted style for Friday and Saturday.
Here’s what I wore:
Green Swing Jacket (Go Rave)
White Shirt ( 5-7-9)
Black Skirt ( Express)
Black and White Pumps( BCBG-TJMaxx)


Sheila said...

Oh, cool, what a great theme!

I love how you've belted the swing jacket - I may have to steal this idea.

Also, LOVE the shoes! Very classy.

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Not a big fan of green but, this looks really good on you. I think with green you definitely have to find the right shade.