The Friday Blues

Happy Friday Folks! It rained ALL DAY today. Very, very dreary and wet. And since I cannot decide on rain boots that I like, I broke out my “old faithful” black boots, and wore those instead. This was one of those days that make you want to run home and jump in the covers and stay there. But Alas, I had morning classes, and work right after, so off I went. I was a bit nervous walking along in that wind and rain, that I was going to have to battle against crazy winds, meaning that I have to chase my umbrella or it flips over the wrong-side up, leaving me unprotected. Thankfully there was none of that. So as always, the name of the game was comfort. The goal was to stay warm outside and be able to peel off layers inside, and stay dry @ all times I do believe it was a success.
What i wore:
Blue Cropped Cardi(Macys)
Sequined Top(F21)
Boots(Chinese Laundry)
Both Scarves(Thrifted)

Photo credits go to the Manfriend


WendyB said...

I love that shade of blue.

*Lady D* said...

Thanks WendyB!!

Anonymous said...

Love the huge scarf on your bag!