Belt Week Day #2: Highlighting Pink

If anyone was wondering how belt week was going, so far so good. Today went pretty well, I'm getting ready to start my x-mas shopping list, who to shop for and what to shop for, the I try to plan for things; for the most part. We'll see how that works out. So since the day started off in the 50's, i carried a sweater, and then only needed it for my brief walk to my car(it later warmed up to the 80's). The shirt is actually my shirtdress, tucked into my skirt and belted. This is what is wore:
Skirt (Express)
Sweater (F21)
Belt (Thrifted)
Bag aka the cutie pie bag (Rampage)

Photocredits go to my sis, Lachmeister!

*Sorry about the weird spotting...


budget chic said...

I love the colors in this outfit, the stripe shirt and red belt with gold detail is a nice combination.

Sheila said...

Definitely better without the cardigan! It just overwhelms you. You look so adorable in that classic blouse and skirt.

Lady A said...

U look like a flight attended. Cute.