Happy Halloween!

I know it doesn't look like it, but i'm in costume....no. really, i am...lol
I 've told people this i've been told i was :
1. A green M &M (really???!!??)
2. Oh, is that a costume...
3. Someone in a dress and boots..
So you see, any answer will do...lol
I went to work and afterwards the plan is to meet up w/ a few folks and then decide whether to just stay in and hang, or head out to a Halloween party. Either way, should be fun!
This is what i wore:

Nice and Proper for Work

Ready To Play!

This last photo, is not just another random photo of me dancing...lol, it is actually, your clue to whom or what i am for Halloween.

*Photocredits go to my wonderful Manfriend!!


Anchibride said...

This is an adorable look! Can't wear it around here since it's coooold now and raining cats and dogs, but it's really pretty!

*Lady D* said...

Anchibride: Thanks!in Atlanta, its freezing in the morning and evenings and heats up in the afternoons, so layering is key right now.

Erica said...

Love the bold print...and the dance. :)

*Lady D* said...

Thanks Erica!